If you're looking for $10 mastering services, this isn't the place. We have rent to pay, equipment to service and kids to feed. It's like with food, if you want a certain level of quality it actually costs money. If you don't want to pay, you're stuck with the plugin crowd. On the other hand, these rates aren't bad anyway...

Ok, the base rate is €50/track (excl. VAT) or NOK500 (incl. VAT) if you're inside of Norway. Rates for albums or EPs have to be agreed upon. By “track” we mean a continuous piece of music, up to ten minutes in length.

In addition, if you're a poor student, starving artist, or able to produce some other compelling argument, we're willing to take a look at cutting you a deal.

Prices for other services (cleanup, transfers, format translation etc) are always by appointment.

Payment is through PayPal for international customers, norwegians will be billed the classic way. Please note that no transfer of the complete, final master(s) will be done until full payment is received.

The small print: Transistor is a registered company (983 180 256MVA) We can be contacted by email at mastering[a]transistor.no or by phone +47 47025946