Ok, we have decided to start offering audio mastering services. We're running a very low-key operation, with a small studio - but with great gear and ears. Our goal is to keep everything honest, down to earth and friendly. Our rates are fair and sometimes even negotiable, and we always give you a taste of how your tracks will sound before you commit. If we feel we can't do a proper job with your material, we will always refer you to someone else.

We can take delivery of any digital audio format (and some analog), but for the love of **, please don't send us mp3s - unless that's all you've got.

We even do stems and mixing if you're so inclined, and have experience in cleanup and audio extraction as well. We can deliver finished masters as digital files in any format, or redbook CDs with appropriate coding, including DDP.

Our sound philosophy: We try to do what you ask for, but we reserve the right to make really, really sure you know what it is you actually want. We do not like to overcompress or hyperlimit music and will discourage any client from wanting to as well. But if that's what you want, we'll push the limiter and overload the AD so that your ears bleed and your teeth rattle. In such cases we'll probably deliver two versions, so you can hear the difference for yourself.

The small print: Transistor is a registered company (983 180 256MVA) We can be contacted by email at mastering[a]transistor.no or by phone +47 47025946